Fixed Income


Mutual Funds


Fixed Income

We are leaders in the Fixed Income segment in Argentina with extensive expertise in the execution and trading of financial instruments.

  • Sovereign, Provincial, Municipal and Corporate Bonds.
  • Credit and Repurchase Agreements
  • Treasury Bills and Notes
  • Deferred payment checks and promissory notes.
  • Public and private financial trusts.
  • Structured products.

Since 2018 we have led the ByMA Ranking, positioning ourselves as one of the main operators in the market.



Our wide range of products allows us to operate in global markets and diversify our clients’ portfolios.

  • Local and international stocks
  • Cedears
  • ETF’s
  • Indexes


Through our participation in the different derivatives markets, our clients can access all products to reduce and mitigate financial risks.

  • Dollar futures, indices, bonds, commodities, livestock and metals.
  • Stock and bond options.
  • Other derivatives.

Mutual Funds

The Common Investment Funds are an excellent alternative to invest in a simple, diversified, flexible and efficient way.

Our platform allows access to:

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Money Market Funds

Funds with a high degree of liquidity and efficient for managing short-term surpluses.

Fixed Income Funds

They aim to obtain a return by investing in public and private fixed income instruments. They offer different strategies according to the risk profile.

Variable Income Funds

For investors looking for a medium and long-term investment that allows obtaining a return from capital appreciation. They offer different strategies with local and international stocks based on the risk profile.

Total Return Funds

They seek to obtain returns from a flexible strategy that combines fixed income and variable income instruments. It´s strategy is usually focused on investors with a moderate/high risk profile.

Balanced Funds

They seek to obtain return from the combination of fixed income and variable income instruments. They offer different strategies according to the risk profile.

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